Team Training Customer Testimonials

Pavel Datsyuk, Detroit Red Wings

"I found Jeremy's training to be both innovative and difficult. I have worked with many professional strength trainers across the world, but Jeremy's program of core strength and hockey specific training is the best. He makes the most of the short times we have to work together, and pushes me very hard. Thank you Jeremy for not only maintaining my strength, but improving it as well."

- Pavel Datsyuk, Detroit Red Wings

Derek Boogaard, Minnesota Wild

"I met Jeremy Clark 2 yrs ago when I was looking for a boxing gym to train at for the off-season. Once I started working out at Minnesota Top Team with Clarkie, I knew it was a fit for me. Our workouts are intense, and structured toward hockey. Jeremy showed me how the MMA based core training he does helps me in so many ways, both in the hockey aspect of my game and in the hockey fighting. With focus on balance, grip strength and other factors that are overlooked by boxing gyms, he shows that it is a different training aspect needed for Hockey fighting. Now, Minnesota Top Team is a key to my development and my summer training regiment."

- Derek Boogaard, Minnesota Wild

Matt Smaby, Tampa Bay Lightening

"MN Top Team provides not only a great workout but also a great learning experience. I would recommend their programs to anyone."

- Matt Smaby, Tampa Bay Lightening

Tim Jackman, Calgary Flames

"Jeremy Clark and MN Top Team have a great facility where they helped prepare me by gaining the confidence and courage I need for the on-ice battles and helped separate me from other players."

- Tim Jackman, Calgary Flames

Stu Bickel, Annaheim Ducks

"The training program at MTT is awesome because it is so specific to the way that hockey is played. Jeremy's emphasis on core strength and conditioning is key to performing on the ice and the intensity of his program is great! Both the workouts and the boxing instruction with Jeremy and Alex have really helped me."

- Stu Bickel, Annaheim Ducks

Andrew Suitor, MN Swarm Team Captain

"I have spent the last two years working with Jeremy Clark at Minnesota Top Team and have see huge improvements in my game . Jeremy is constantly showing new ways to train for game specific situations and has made a great impact on my performance on the field. His teaching style is a great fit, and training at MTT has become a must have component of my training regiment."

- Andrew Suitor, MN Swarm Team Captain

Aaron Boogaard, Pittsburgh Penguins

"I met Jeremy after my brother told me about his gym. I came to Minnesota after my season ended, went to the gym and was introduced to how they train at MTT. INTENSE!! Working at MTT has given me an edge over the competition, I've worked out allot of different ways, and have done allot of stuff to get ready for upcoming seasons. But the last couple summers I have worked out with MTT, I have never felt more satisfied and confident going into a long hockey season. He knows what it takes to train to play at a pro level, and holds us accountable when we are in the gym. Plus his boxing training for hockey players helped me out tremendously last year. Great training all around!"

- Aaron Boogaard, Pittsburgh Penguins

Cory Larose

"I heard about Jeremy Clark through my friend Lawrence Nycholat. He said to me one day, "you have to try this guy Jeremy out, his workouts are tough as hell but great." I did, and a couple months later I left for camp in San Jose in the best shape of my life. His workouts are unique and sports specific and I look forward to training with him again this summer."

- Cory Larose

Jeff Giuliano

"Jeremy's unique core exercises have helped my balance tremendously and his plyometrics have given me the explosiveness needed to compete at the highest level. I've never felt stronger and faster because he's pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged me everyday."

- Jeff Giuliano

Lawrence Nycholat, Colorado Avalanche

"Jeremy's workouts are as challenging and complete as I have ever experienced. His knowledge and creativity make the workouts as intense as they are fun, which results in attaining an elite level of fitness."

- Lawrence Nycholat, Colorado Avalanche

Joe Motzko

"Working with Jeremy has opened my eyes on what training for hockey really means. He correlates what happens on the ice into the training while managing to keep it fun and interesting day in and day out. His training not only makes me faster and stronger, it also helps me prepare for the rigors of a long professional season."

- Joe Motzko

Kelly Wild, Ohio State Buckeyes

"Jeremy's circuit training is the best workout I've ever done. The hockey-specific exercises and balance of strength, speed, and endurance training put me in the best shape going into preseason and set me up for success on the ice. After trying numerous other workout programs, I've found that none of them compare to MTT."

- Kelly Wild, Ohio State Buckeyes