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We know getting started can be intimidating so we make it easy and stress-free. 

Everyone new attends six (6) of our CrossFit Day-One classes prior to participating in the regular classes. You get one week FREE of Day-One classes so you can get a feel for the gym, our coaching, and what our CrossFit classes are all about.  

What happens in a Day-One class?  It is the exact same class structure and workout as our daily CrossFit workout. So the same workout that everyone else is doing that day is what you will do too -- the only difference is that it is scaled down to to someone who is brand new to CrossFit, ie "Day-One in CrossFit." 

You will be required to attend 6 Day-One classes so that you are more than ready to join the regular classes.  By then you will have gone through many of the CrossFit movements and will have a good understanding of how CrossFit classes work.  You will then be allowed to attend all other scheduled CrossFit classes including STRENGTH and FIT.