Covid Updates for MTT


Happy to be open again!  Reach out to us to try a free class and for membership information.  


We find ourselves yet again in an extremely difficult situation in how to function with the restrictive limitations that are completely outside of our gym model.  Here are the new State of MN guidelines: 

Individual workouts only, no group classes, 25% Capacity, 12’ physical distance required, masks must be worn 100%.

We will be moving forward with personal training sessions and limited open-gym spots only.  Spots must be signed up for ahead of time as before through google sheets.  

We will be closed on the following dates:  12/24, 12/25, 12/31 and 1/1/21

Presumably classes are allowed to resume on 1/4/21.  We will wait for further guidance on the capacity restrictions and provide further details ASAP prior to 1/4/21. 



There is another government mandate for all gyms to close as of Friday 11/20/20 at midnight.

Here are our steps moving forward:

  • We will have a normal class schedule on Thursday and Friday of this week.
  • As of Saturday 11/21/20 we will be closed to everyone – no exceptions.
  • Since November is more than halfway over and all dues have been pulled for the month – there will be no partial refunds as those dues goes towards paying your coaches for the full month of November.
  • All memberships will automatically be placed on a $10/mo Hold as of December 1.
  • Like the previous lockdown, we will provide daily AT HOME workouts that all current active members will have access to for no charge. These workouts will be something you can easily do at home with no equipment required. (See below for details on how to get access.)
  • This time around we will not be loaning out equipment for the simple fact that it is only going to be 4 weeks and because we have 350 active members and we do not have enough equipment to go around.

We will miss everyone immensely and hope beyond hope that it will only be the four weeks they are currently reporting. After the last lockdown, we came back even stronger and we are confident that it will be that way again once we are allowed to open back up.

Never hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns and thank you, once again, for your continued support.


Jennie and Jeremy Clark

Owners, MN Top Team

Call or text: 651-340-4349



 Effective Saturday 7/25/20

  • Anyone coming and going throughout the gym will wear a mask. 
  • Coaches will wear a mask up until and immediately after their class, not during class. 
  • Anyone participating in a class is required to wear a mask up until and immediately after their class, not during class
  • Anyone over 2 years old who is watching a class must wear a mask. 
  • Parents have the option to drop their child off and not wait inside the gym during class. 
  • If any member of MTT is exposed to someone with COVID or has any symptoms at all, they must get tested or wait 14 days prior to returning to the gym.
  • Anyone who returns from visiting a known hot spot area in the country is asked to either get tested or wait 14 days prior to returning to the gym. 

Thank you for understanding how important it is for us to comply with the new rules so that our doors can remain open.  

6/10/20: Today we opened the gym at 25%! It's amazing to be back and more amazing to see people's familiar faces. The classes will be added back in slowly, we are not back to a full class schedule.  There are many reasons for this but we ask that you trust us that we will add more classes in as soon as possible.  So if you look at the rest of the website, some things are not back up yet - there are no early morning memberships,  through June there is no "free week" for new people, the schedules are not accurate, etc. Current members are being communicated with via email and FB groups.

If you have any questions whatsoever the best thing to do at least through June is to contact us via email or call/text the gym phone at 651-340-4349.  Thanks! 

6/6/20: We are thrilled to be able to take another step forward with the announcement that we can open at 25% starting on Wednesday 6/10.  We have been doing outdoor parking lot workouts for a week and we will be moving those inside starting 6/10.  We are still not allowed any person to person contact so there will be no BJJ classes and no sparring or partner drills in Boxing.  But we will continue to offer CrossFit for all levels and we're adding in boxing fitness classes.  We will be adding class times as attendance increases.  Our members should check their emails for specifics on class times, sign up, etc.  Thank you for your patience. It's been a complete joy to see many of you in the parking lot this week.  Together we're better! 

5/20/20:  We did not get good news today. Re-opening MN will begin phase 2 on June 1 for many businesses, but gyms and fitness centers will not be able to open until phase 4.  There were no dates given for when phase 4 would be but an inside political analyst indicated mid-July is more like when phase 4 would be rolled out.  This is a tragedy for many of us small gym owners.  However, we're going to figure out a way to make this work.  We will begin planning for outdoor parking lot workouts with social distance, initially offered to our CrossFit members and as we can manage it we will add additional fitness class times for the remaining members who have kept their memberships active.  As we work out more of the details we will update this page.  

5/17/20: We are considering outdoor workouts, however as we read it, it does not fall in line with the Executive order 20-56 Section 8n's restrictions or our ability to keep it under 9 people per class.  We have Boxing, CrossFit and Jiu Jitsu to consider plus shared equipment required for outdoor fitness.  We anxiously await the recommended guidelines that are supposed to be available on Wednesday 5/20/20. 

5/13/20:  As frustrated as we know you are, we are too, we miss our workouts and our teammates terribly but we will comply with what our MN Government decides is best for the community.  As of today it appears that June 1 is the proposed date for gyms to open.  We are told that by 5/20/20 we will be provided with the required restrictions for gyms to follow in order to open safely.  At that time we will review the guidelines and determine how we can implement the required restrictions.  


  • We are in this for the long haul, we'll be here for our members in whatever capacity we can.  
  • There will be changes, this we can be sure, but we will do our best to make MTT a safe and accessible environment for our members. 
  • We will update this page if any new information becomes available. 
  • We will get through this! 

Have questions or comments? Contact us!