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At Minnesota Top Team we offer boxing classes in Eagan MN for Kids (ages 5-9) and youth (ages 10-13), Adult (ages 14+).  We also have a Boxing Competition team for the advanced and serious boxing students.  Our classes are tough and challenging but fun and safe in a very welcoming environment.

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MTT Adult boxing




Our Adult classes are designed for ALL levels of fitness, ages 14 and up, from the first-timer to the high performance athlete. We combine the fundamentals of core strength conditioning with the skill, technique and total body workout found in Boxing training.  We use heavy bags, target mitts, speed bags, medicine balls, jump roping, body weight and much more. Our classes are taught by experienced boxers that will help you improve your conditioning while teaching you legitimate boxing technique. 



MTT Kids boxing program revised





Our kids boxing classes provide a fun physical activity in a safe learning environment.  Your kids will learn the physical benefits of boxing conditioning with cardio exercises, bag hitting, hand mitts, and boxing technique drills all while having fun with an engaging coach.  Boxing training is a great confidence builder for all ages. Classes for ages 5-13.




Our boxing competition classes are for those advanced level students who are serious about competition. These students must have shown their skill and dedication by attending the adult or youth boxing classes regularly and must be approved by our boxing coaches to be a part of the MTT Competition Team. All appropriate gear is required: headgear, mouth guard, hand wraps, 

approved gloves, and groin protector. To spar at our gym you must have a valid USA Boxing Book. 




About Boxing

Boxing is in principle a sport more than a martial art. There are few martial arts that are as focused on fist strikes. Fighters are well known for their fantastic footwork and the manipulation of angles to beat their opponents; these two aspects combined make boxers very dangerous in fights. Considered one of the best exercises for stamina, breathing, and hand/eye coordination, it is a great way stay in excellent shape.