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Minnesota Top Team is proud to carry Advocare Nutritional Supplements. A crucial part of any training regimen or health and fitness program is proper nutrition. We have products that will enhance your training whether you are trying to lose weight, build muscle or simply improve your quality of life.

We have several Advocare products in stock at our Eagan, MN location or you can shop all Advocare Nutritional products online.

Try the 24-Day Challenge!

Average results: 10lbs, 10" and immeasureable increased energy.

The 24-Day Challenge is not a physical challenge - it's a NUTRITION CHALLENGE!  This is a great way to kick start a clean, healthy way of eating that changes the way you feel and think about the food you eat.  The 24-day challenge consists of a 10-day Herbal Cleanse and the 14-days of nutritional balance that will leave you feeling lighter and healthier.  If you want to lose weight, increase your energy, or if you feel like you just want to get on track, this is an excellent clear-cut way to get there.

Our 24-Day Challenge guide not only provides an overview of the challenge, but also includes grocery lists, meal plans, and tips for a successful cleanse! In a nutshell, you're going to eat clean but you get to eat, no starving here, so you should not feel hungry.  You'll be eating fruits, vegetables, fish, eggs - all the good stuff.  No processed foods allowed, no alcohol, no coffee (that seems to be the hard part, but you'll survive and you might even find you don't even want it after 24 days). You'll also be taking herbal cleanse pills and fiber drinks during the first 10 days.  Then for the remaining 14 days your eating stays clean and you'll take the vitamin packs as described throughout the day.  These vitamins will give you energy, control your appetite and provide an overall wellness that our bodies crave because they consist of all the vitamins and minerals that we require but are not getting from the food we eat. 

Let us help you succeed!  To get started, download our 24-Day Challenge ebook and order your 24-day challenge kit and have it sent directly to you!

Download the Advocare 24-Day Challenge E-Book